Why Zappi get’s a 5 star review?

Welcome to our home electric car charger comparison video series…

Today it’s time to evaluate Myenergi’s ground-breaking Zappi.

The Zappi comes with a whole host of features, such as:

  • 3 charging modes. Eco, Eco+ and fast
  • Works with solar panels and wind turbines
  • Compatible with battery storage systems
  • Programmable timer function through the app
  • Pin code locking function to stop people stealing your electric
  • A 3-year parts and labour warranty for peace of mind

It’s got a stylish futuristic shape measuring 439mm by 282mm and is available in black or white.

It’s also available in single phase 7.2Kw or 22Kw 3-phase fast charging. Although not many homes will have 3-phase electricity except maybe for converted commercial buildings.

Both the black and white units come as socketed or tethered with type 2 connectors, and the tethered unit has a lengthy 6.5 metre charging cable attached.

Be aware, the socketed unit doesn’t come with a separate detached cable, so you’ll need to purchase your own, which can cost up to £150.

Control of the charging point is made easy through Zappi’s App, which allows you to time charge, and will lock the unit so no one can steal your electric.

Another good thing, it doesn’t need an earth rod, as it’s got a built-in RCD protection.

What’s the best things about the Zappi?

Yes, it’ll work with solar panels, but more impressive that this, it’ll also work alongside battery storage systems, so you can charge overnight with your stored solar energy.

It’s not cheap though, but the extra cash you can save on electricity by using stored solar energy will make it much cheaper over time.

…because of the ability to use solar and stored battery energy, it gets a 5-star rating by us.