Is workplace charging is part of the solution?

Why are workplace charge points are part of the electric vehicle charging solution…
Put simply, a large amount of the population will not be able to have a charge point at home.
Whether we like it or not (those that still want to drive) most people will eventually be travelling around in an electric car or van, and will need an affordable charging solution.
That’s great for those who have their own off-road parking, because you can have a home charge point installed (£350 grant available), which is the cheapest way to charge an electric vehicle.
But for those that live in terraced property (with no front or rear driveway) and apartments, charging solutions are going to be more difficult.
Yes, you can charge at public or service station charge points, and some are much faster, but they can also be much more expensive.
We recently used a supercharger at a service station from pretty much flat to 280 miles of range in 40 minutes, but it cost a whopping £65.00. This at home would’ve been about a tenner.
This is where workplace charging is going to become much more important.
Workplaces are beginning to change their own fleets to electric, as they’re now cheaper to run, because of tax breaks and huge savings on fuel. Which means they must also invest in chargers.
Currently the government are offering workplaces £350 towards the cost of each charge point they have installed, and this is set to increase dramatically next April if you install 5 or more.
You see, the government want workplaces (who are able) to let those employees who can’t charge at home charge at work, with electricity costs likely to be similar to home electricity rates.
Workplaces are going to need help and advice, just like people having chargers installed at home.
So, we’ve setup a dedicated workplace charge point division, to provide help, advice, and free site surveys, which allows us to provide workplaces with no obligation fixed price charging solutions.
…and if you are a workplace who wants simple honest service, please do get in touch.