Why we don’t use electrical contractors?

We had a vision of fixing the EV charge point installation industries problems…

Car dealerships told us they wouldn’t recommend an EV charge point installer to their customers, as they had continuously been let down with installation delays and inconsistent quality of work.

The only way we saw to fix these problems was to employ our own trained and accredited installers.

This has enabled us to provide guaranteed installation times and develop rigorous repeatable safe installation processes, which guarantee certainty and peace of mind.

Yes, we could appoint electrical contractors, which would allow us to expand much quicker, like some other national and regional installers have decided to do.

But for us, this can cause exact the problems we are trying to fix, as you have little control over electrical contractors, and can’t be sure if they’ll turn up or provide a good service.

You’ve also got to consider aftercare. What happens if something goes wrong. Will electrical contractors be interested in returning to put something right or help you out with a warranty repair?

It really boils down to one word. Trust. And how can we gain your trust.

The only way we can do this, is by turning up on time, carrying out consistently safe quality installations and providing an overall excellent experience.

…this can only happen with your own trained and qualified EV charge point installers.