Need an electric vehicle workplace charger?

Want to charge your hybrid or electric vehicle at your workplace?

Do you know you can get a government grant of £350 against the cost of each workplace electric vehicle charger that you wish to be installed.

Although, installation must be carried out by an OLEV approved installer, like ourselves.

Amazingly, this is up to a maximum of 40 electric car chargers with up to £14,000 in grants available to each workplace.

Today we’re installing a Wallbox Copper SB 7.4Kw workplace electric car charger.

The Wallbox Copper SB is adapted for commercial and semi-public use.

Its universal socket makes it suitable for both Type 1 & 2 vehicle connectors, and multiple access control is managed through RFID key fobs.

The Copper SB is an intelligent device that is always connected to the myWallbox charging management platform.

As a result, multiple users can be monitored, and available power can be distributed evenly amongst all the Wallbox Copper SB chargers you have installed.

And Wallbox’s app will let you manage all your device settings from your mobile phone or tablet, so you’re always in control, even when your away from the workplace.

To qualify for a workplace charger installation grant, you’ve got to be the occupants of the building, and have your own designated car parking places.

Right now, we’re providing free workplace charger installation surveys throughout the North West.

To secure your free survey call Darren on 07887 548523 or email:

…you can even apply online at