Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger review

Welcome to our home electric car charger comparison video series

Today we’re educating you on the Wallbox Pulsar Plus home EV charging point.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a stylish looking unit with green led lights and available in black or white.

As well as being stylish, it’s one of the smallest electric car chargers on the market, at just over 16cm square.

Just because it’s small, don’t let it fool you.

As, it’s one of the fastest single phase EV chargers at 7.4Kw and will easily fully charge your electric vehicle whilst you’re sleeping.

Wallbox has even attached a 5-metre charging cable, which is a huge bonus, as when bought separately these cables can cost circa £150.

Control of the charging point is made easy through the myWallbox App, which allows you to time charge, manually regulate power and even lock the unit so no one can steal your electric.

Options available is a 3 phase 22Kw version (which you can also get with a 7-metre cable), a cable holder, and a power boost controller that automatically regulates the charging power available.

And for certainty and total peace of mind, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus comes with a 3-years parts and labour warranty as standard.

…making it our best overall value home electric car charging unit, receiving a 5-star rating.