Vernon Kay bigs up Formula E…

Vernon Kay’s been on Sunday Brunch taking about Formula E, it’s was fascinating…

Vernon presents Formula E and thinks the all-electric racing series has plenty to offer fans who have become disillusioned with its gas guzzling F1 cousin.

And says…

“People moan and complain about Formula 1, not overtaking. They say it’s a procession, and it’s getting tiresome for all the Formula 1 addicts who keep having to hear that over again.”

“In Formula E, there’s lots of overtaking. There’s lots of crashing because we’re on short tight circuits and the intensity of the racing for 45 minutes is awesome.”

Another thing to note from Vernon, is that the manufacturer teams use Formula E to enhance their road vehicles, that you are me are or will be driving in the future.

Using Jaguar as an example Vernon said. “Much of the Jaguar e team’s technology is transferred into their road cars withing 3 months, were it can enhance the driving experience or improve efficiency.

Wonder what happens when they need a recharge, we’ve got a feeling it currently takes a little longer than Lewis Hamilton topping up his combustion engine fuel in 6 second.

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