The world’s smallest tethered EV charge point

This is the Sync EV, and its world’s smallest home electric car charging point…

And great news, they’ve just released a tethered version, which comes complete with an attached 5 metre charging cable, making it ultra convenient as well as small and descrete.

But boy does it pack a punch, and for design and functionality it one of  the best overall value home charging point available.

It’s a fast charging 7.4Kw unit and has these amazing features:

  • Timed charging
  • Charger locking
  • Built-in earthing
  • Intelligent charging
  • Solar connectivity coming soon
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi connection with a GPS option
  • Adjustable charging power
  • Simple to use smart App.
  • 3-years parts & labour warranty

So, what is the best thing about the Sync EV home charger?

Aside of its super small size, it has got to be its overall value for money, with intelligent charging, solar panel charging coming soon and now a tethered option.

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