Why technobabble is the No.1 sales killer?

Technobabble is the number one sales killer…


Well, we all love our products so much we learn everything there is to know about them, and immediately tell every potential customer technical stuff they’re just not interested in.

We want people to understand why they should buy our product, but for some reason, we automatically start to spew the technobabble we’ve learned.

We talk about why this product is the best and mention all the science behind what we do.

Take electric car chargers. Telling potential customers about the required cables, switches, and the amount of work the government make us do to secure your £350 OLEV or OZEV grant, is a complete sales turn off.

We soon found that people are only interested in the things that will improve their status.

Yes, they want confirmation we have the necessary accreditation, and we’ll install EV chargers safely and in guaranteed quick time frames.

But aside to this, what they really want to know is will it charge my car quickly, does it look stylish, is the colour nice, does it save lots of cash against fossil fuels, has it got a warranty, can I lock it so no one can steal my electric and does it have a timer, so I can charge when it’s most convenient.

Remember, people don’t buy logically, they buy based on emotion and whether the product will improve their status in some way.

…then they use logic to justify the purchase decision they’ve already made.