Sync EV – worlds smallest EV charge point

Today is a revisit to our home EV charger video series

Because a new charger has got our attention, and made it on to our list of best home electric vehicle chargers 2021.

This is the Sync EV, and its smallest home electric car charging point on the market.

But boy does it pack a punch, and for design and functionality (for us) it is the best overall value home charging point available.

Currently it is a socketed (untethered) fast charging 7.4Kw unit. But in 3 or 4 weeks a tethered version is being released, followed by a 3-phase 22Kw unit.

There has been a buzz in the market about the Ohme charger and its intelligent way of finding the cheapest charging times, well, in 3 weeks the Sync EV will do this too.

Apparently, it is a simple app update, and even customers who already have a Sync EV installed will benefit from this intelligent charging function.

And another feature coming at the same time is solar panel charging, which will allow all those with solar panels to use any excess free green energy to charge their electric vehicle.

Even aside of these new developments, the Sync EV already has:

  • Timed charging
  • Charger locking
  • Built-in earthing
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi connection with a GPS option
  • Adjustable charging power
  • Simple to use smart App.
  • 3-years parts & labour warranty

So, what is the best thing about the Sync EV home charger?

Aside of its super small size, it has got to be its overall value for money, with intelligent charging and solar panel charging as standard in the next few weeks.

…which is why the Sync EV gets a 5-star rating.