Why the Sync EV workplace charger gets 5 stars

Welcome to our workplace EV charger video series…

Have I got a treat for you today?

This is the Sync EV, which is the smallest workplace electric car charging point on the market, and alongside the EO Mini Pro 2, it’s the smallest home charging unit too.

The interesting thing is the Sync EV is approved for both home and workplace installations, making it probably the most cost-effective workplace charge point on the market.

Although it’s only available as a socketed (untethered) fast charging 7.4Kw unit, which means you’ll have to buy your own charging cable.

Even though it’s probably the cheapest workplace EV charger on the market, its packed full of features, like:

  • Timed charging
  • Charger locking
  • Built-in solar integration
  • Earth rod is not required
  • Ethernet / Wi-Fi connection with GPS option
  • Adjustable charging power
  • Simple to use smart App
  • Load balancing across multiple chargers
  • Qualifies for £350 OLEV, OZEV and WCS grant
  • 3-years parts & labour warranty for certainty and peace of mind

Interestingly most manufacturers charge extra for their workplace back-office software (which does the reporting and load balancing). But, with Sync EV it’s free.

A monthly charge of £7 per charge point only applies if you’re using the charger in a public environment, where people will pay to charge.

So, what is the best thing about the Sync EV workplace charger?

Aside of its super small size, it’s got to be the price and that no earth rod is required.

…which is why the Sync EV gets a 5-star rating from us.