Welcome to our workplace EV charger video series…

Grants of £350 for each workplace EV charge point installed are available, but only if an approved workplace charger is installed by an approved WCS installer, such as us.

Today, we’re reviewing the ROLEC wall mounted SECURICHARGE:EV workplace charge point.

This is our go to charge point when a workplace required two EV chargers, as it comes with an option for dual charge points on a single unit.

You might think this makes it expensive, because if you bought two separate single chargers, you’ll get two grants.

But this in not so…

As the WCS grant is available on each charge point and not just on each physical charger, which means the dual charge point version gets you £700 in grants, making it extremely good value.

Aside of the savings, it’s very good.

As it’s heavy duty and vandal resistant, providing the perfect solution for exposed locations.

These robust charging units are available in a free-to-charge format or with pay-as-you-charge solutions through it’s back-office software.

It’s compatible with all type 2 EV’s and PHEV’s, providing fast charging single phase 7.2Kw or 3-phase super-fast 11Kw & 22Kw speeds.

Although it’s extra, the Vendelectric software and app gives you great features, such as RFID cards or fobs, manages all your workplace chargers, provides customizable tariffs for pay to charge situations, has smart reporting, and the ability to charge back electric usage to your employees.

Couple of things to remember, it’s socketed, so you’ll need your own type 2 charging cable, and, as with most workplace chargers, it’ll need earthing, via an earth rod or Matt: E device.

What’s the best thing about the wall mounted ROLEC SERCURICHARGE:EV?

It’s got to be the twin charge point option, which saves you both space and money.

…the ROLEC SERCURICHARGE:EV gets a 5-star rating.