Rolec QUANTUM: EV video review

Welcome to our workplace EV charger review video series…

Grants of £350 for each workplace EV charge point installed are available, but only if an approved workplace charger is installed by an approved WCS installer, such as us.

We’ve recently fitted an electrifying number of Rolec QUANTUM: EV’s, the last installation being for large haulage company across 2 locations.

We advised Rolec’s QUANTUM because the chargers are in an area open to the elements, with high traffic volume and heavy goods vehicles passing close by.

The client required chargers which are visible, corrosion resistant and fire retardant, with twin superfast charging sockets, that aesthetically look good for a reasonable price.

The Rolec QUANTUM: EV is available as type 2 single phase 7Kw and 3-phase fast 11Kw or superfast 22Kw. With single or dual charging points. Either in free to use or pay to use formats.

The pay to use version is called Opencharge and provides a pay to charge facility via a smartphone or through RFID fobs, controlled through Rolec’s VENDELECTRIC back-office management system.

Their back-office software is chargeable, but allows you to manage all your installed chargers, has smart reporting and even allows you to charge back electricity usage to employees.

What’s the best thing about the Rolec QUANTUM: EV?

Well, it’s got to be their stylish yet highly visible presence and their corrosion and fire resistance, making them ideal for companies needing chargers in busy and open to the element’s areas.

…the Rolec QUANTUM: EV gets a 5-star rating.