Is electric car range anxiety all in the mind?

Why electric car range shouldn’t be an issue for most car drivers?
Research carried out by the RAC covering a three-year period, shows car drivers (on average) travel just 28 miles a day.
It seems petrol car drivers travel less than their diesel counterparts, racking up an average of just 20 miles a day, whilst diesels (on average) travel 34 miles each day.
What’s surprising, the research shows pure electric vehicles sit right in the middle, out travelling petrol cars by 6 miles a day, and averaging around 26 miles.
What does this tell us?
Range anxiety (when it comes to electric vehicles) for most people is a mindset issue and shouldn’t really exist.
Even the SEAT Mii Electric (one of the most cost-effective electric vehicles on the market) is capable of 160 miles on a single charge, with many others now hitting the 300-mile mark.
Getting a home charge point installed can help this range anxiety mindset. How?
Well, you’re not relying on public charge points to be available or working when you turn up to charge, as well as hanging around for an hour or two, whilst you top the battery back to full charge.
You can drive to work, your friends or family safe in the knowledge (once back home) you can plug in and get a deep sleep with a clear mind, knowing you’ve got a full battery again in the morning.
What’s even more appealing about installing a home charge point?
If you’ve got a qualifying vehicle (pure electric and some full hybrids count) with designated off-road parking, you can claim £350 towards the cost of the charge point installation.
…hurry though, as this grant won’t be available early next year.