Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Choosing the right EV charger for the home and workplace can be minefield.

You’ve got to consider many factors, such as charging speed, single or twin, is it just for the home or is for company vehicle owners to use, and can non-company vehicles use it and be charged back, do you want to let the public use it for a charge. The list is endless.

Which is why, as the experts, we’ll discuss your requirements in detail, and advise the right electric vehicle charging equipment for your requirement and situation from all our accredited leading manufacturers.

Accredited Manufacturers and Products

WallPod:EV Range
BasicCharge:EV Range
AutoCharge:EV Range
SecuriCharge:EV Range
DC Rapid Charger
Quantum EV Range
StreetServ:EV Range

Suitable for all electric vehicles

From entry level home chargers, workplace charging solutions, right through to pay to charge public charging units, we have a full range to suit every location and budget.

The product range is designed and built to be flexible and compatible with all leading motor manufacturers’ EVs and their communication protocols, including all types and modes of charging.

Our charging point range has been specially designed to offer all types and modes of EV charging, in order to provide solutions for the following locations: