Does a Porsche Taycan elevate status?

Did you know status is a big reason which causes people to move toward you?

When presented with your opportunity their subconscious mind is working out if this thing is going to improve or decrease their status.

This status we’re talking about has nothing to do with how others perceive you, rather how you perceive yourself.

Most choices in your life revolve around status…

You (or your parents) picked a school because it would elevate your status. Just like choosing your first boy or girlfriend, the books you read, the car you drive, who you married.

Status is present, even when it comes to choosing suppliers, products, and services in business.

Whether someone is looking to purchase a personal item or a service for their workplace, they’re deciding if it’ll make them look smarter, happier, stylish, wealthier, powerful, or attractive.

Obviously, from a business perspective, it depends what products you’re trying to interest them in, as to how they think about how they’ll affect their status.

Take our monthly subscription printer technology, internet phones and laptop bundles as examples:

They’ll certainly make people wealthier, as they save lots of money against other solutions. Plus, people will feel smarter, as they get a great solution without having to pay loads of money up front.

It might even enhance their position in the company making them more powerful, as they’ve got the company a great solution without any capital investment, which is also saving them money.

You can even add a bit of happiness into the mix too, especially if looking after the environment is on their agenda, as many of our products are refurbished & we plant a tree for each new customer.

Interestingly, our electric car charger installation business provokes slightly different status thinking:

You still get happiness with the environmental angle, as it’s using electric rather than fossil fuels.

It’ll also make you wealthier, as electric is much cheaper than petrol or diesel. And you’d be feeling smarter too, making the decision to go electric now rather than years down the line with the masses.

But the other large factor is style. Not just the look of the electric car you’ve just bought. The style of the charger too. As they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Pod-Point is round and silver. EO is the smallest in white, black, or blue. Zappi is cool and works with solar. Wallbox are powerful, square, and small, in black or white with LED charging lights. With Anderson stylish and expensive.

What stops people from taking a new opportunity or buying a new product?

Fear of decreased status of course…

Examples of sale killing thoughts are “What if it doesn’t work? What if they don’t install it correctly? What if it doesn’t turn up on time? Are there any hidden charges? This will decrease my status, I’ll feel stupid”.

There’s this balancing act going on in our brains all the time, balancing hope of increased status against fear of decreased status.

People are going to weigh up the likelihood of success and elevated status against the risk of failure and the cost associated with that failure.

As experts our job is to increase the elevated side of the scale, decreasing the risk of failure.

Which can be achieved by creating amazing products, with installation guarantees, money back guarantees, commitment free agreements and reassuring warranties.

…therefore, the key to making a sale is tied to increasing someone’s status.