Why poor execution ruins the customer experience?

There is no point providing a great ordering experience followed by poor execution…

This relates to any organisation that has a front-end ordering process, followed up by an installations team who complete the work.

It could be plumbers, electricians, IT professionals or even carpet fitters, the same principle applies.

If they don’t turn up on time, be polite, talk you through any issues, do the work to your satisfaction, clean up, do a hand-over and gain your approval, it ruins the overall customer experience.

This is a huge problem in our industry when installing electric car charge points.

The industry is riddled with horror stories of electrical contractors turning up hours late or not even turning up at all, with no explanations.

When they do turn up some don’t complete jobs correctly, aren’t polite, don’t clean up and don’t provide a satisfactory hand over. And trying to get them back to fix something is a nightmare.

So, in these instances and going back to our original point.

We’ve found the only way to fix these problems is not to use contractors, and to employ and train people yourself to carry out the work to the required standards.

Take our installer team. Each one is interviewed for technical skills and culture fit. This confirms they are technically sound, but just as important, that they have right attributes to do a great job.

We then rigorously train them on our safe systemised installation processes, and on how we require them to engage and behave with the customer, on every installation they attend.

This provides our customers with certainty we will turn up on time, and that they will receive a high-quality safe EV charge point installation, resulting in a fantastic overall experience.

It also allows us to offer a 14-day installation guarantee from approval and provide our customers with the peace of mind if something does go wrong, our own installers will return and fix it quickly.

…it makes it harder to grow quickly, but it’s hugely increasing our Trustpilot 5-star reviews.