Need the right electric car charger?

Need an electric car charger, but not sure where to start? Well, first you need to consider your options… You could just plug in to your normal wall socket with a 13Amp plug. Or you could pay the base price and get an entry level 16Amp outdoor wall charger fitted. Alternatively, for an extra £50 […]

Electric cars charge Elon Musk towards Mars…

It’s important to have an audacious vision, but maybe not quite as audacious as electric cars and spaceship entrepreneur Elon Musk… Do you know what it is? He wants to colonise Mars. I’m not kidding, this has always been his long-term vision. How do I know? Well, I read his only authorised book (written by journalist Ashlee […]

Even electric Bolt practised hard…

Top golfer Gary Player once said, “the harder I practise the luckier I get”. You could say this about many different sports stars, who dedicate their lives in pursuit of the perfect round, game, or race. A while back I read Bounce (written by Matthew Syed). Matthew is a well-respected journalist and author, who earlier in his life […]

Did GM miss the electric vehicle (EV) wave?

Now World governments are betting the bank on electric car (EV) technology, and with Boris banning new petrol & diesel cars sales from 2030… Would you class this as a huge-missed opportunity, because of no long-term vision or strategy? Background Back in the naughty 90’s in California, the government department CARB (California Air Resources Board) […]