How to find your hidden expert secrets?

We all have something special inside us, if we use it right, we can change the world… Information is a powerful tool. It can be used to attract interest, increase desire, demand attention, and to sell. But information alone isn’t enough. It’s the skill-full application of the right information at the right time that can […]

Why technobabble is the No.1 sales killer?

Technobabble is the number one sales killer… Why? Well, we all love our products so much we learn everything there is to know about them, and immediately tell every potential customer technical stuff they’re just not interested in. We want people to understand why they should buy our product, but for some reason, we automatically […]

Does a Porsche Taycan elevate status?

Did you know status is a big reason which causes people to move toward you? When presented with your opportunity their subconscious mind is working out if this thing is going to improve or decrease their status. This status we’re talking about has nothing to do with how others perceive you, rather how you perceive […]

Can you become an expert in your field?

Can you be an expert in your field? What do I mean? Take our 2 companies as examples: MY Total Office Solutions are experts in providing office technology solutions in simple to understand short term monthly agreements with guaranteed fixed prices. Positioning ourselves in the market as experts in printer technology, internet phones and laptop […]

Are you a product or customer centric business?

You probably already know great customer service is one of my drivers… So, when I came across ‘The Customer Centric Playbook’ we just had to review it for you. It’s written by Peter Fader & Sarah Toms both of whom have founded multiple organisations. Between them they discovered a simple truth, not all customers are the same, regardless of […]

Blue light savings on EV charger…

Special offer for all emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces personnel… Claim £25 off all home and workplace electric car charger installations in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, and West Yorkshire. How? We’ve joined the ‘Blue Light Card’ scheme, and anyone who works for the Police, Fire, Ambulance, NHS, social care sector […]