Is a simple cable gully the answer?

Oxfordshire Council and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) have been trialling a simple cable gully solution… The cable gully provides a discrete and safe channel for charging cables to extend from homes to roadside, without causing a trip hazard to the public. It’s been so successful ODS (Oxford’s Local Authority Trading Company) has […]

How to claim an EV charge point grant?

Today we’re discussing the government home electric vehicle charge point grant… The government (DVLA) will provide a grant towards each home EV charge point fitted, although this comes with several conditions: You must have or have on order a qualifying hybrid or full electric vehicle. The vehicle must be owned, leased for over 6 months […]

Why Starbucks loses EV charging race?

At a petrol station you can get your EV fully charged by the time you’ve finished a Starbucks… But when charging at home, it takes s long as the recommended 8-hour sleep? Well, it comes down to the available electrical current. Boring I know but stay with me. Now we didn’t know this until we […]

How Wallbox load balancing can help?

Today is the final peace of the jigsaw for a workplace Wallbox EV charger installation at a group of Kia dealerships in Greater Manchester… Brad is currently running a 30-metre cable to install an additional 22Kw EV charger. Overall, it’s been quite a challenging project for both the dealership and ourselves. You see, Kia’s new […]

Why install workplace EV chargers now?

Meet Brad, who’s one of our senior technicians… Today he’s installing 3 Sync EV workplace EV chargers at an office technology company. It’s a real interesting solution. The business is getting their first electric vehicle next week, which is an Hyundai Kona and does 268 miles on a full charge. They’re future proofing their business, […]

Why we don’t use electrical contractors?

We had a vision of fixing the EV charge point installation industries problems… Car dealerships told us they wouldn’t recommend an EV charge point installer to their customers, as they had continuously been let down with installation delays and inconsistent quality of work. The only way we saw to fix these problems was to employ […]