Why install workplace EV chargers now?

Meet Brad, who’s one of our senior technicians…

Today he’s installing 3 Sync EV workplace EV chargers at an office technology company.

It’s a real interesting solution. The business is getting their first electric vehicle next week, which is an Hyundai Kona and does 268 miles on a full charge.

They’re future proofing their business, as the workplace grant will only be available for so long.

This is where the government give £350 towards the cost of each workplace charge point (up to a maximum of 40 chargers) that an organisation gets installed.

They know their fleet of vans are going to be swapped at the next revision for electric vehicles, so they’re using the grant now to get 3 EV chargers fitted instead of 1, ready for the electric vans.

The business has worked out, by swapping to electric vehicles they will save plenty of money in fuel, repairs, and taxes over time, so they feel it’s well worth doing now.

Take the electric Kona, the deal they have is fantastic.

They’ve got it through Marc McLoughlin who owns KeyFleet, paying just £295 a month over 5 years on 12,000 miles p.a with just 1 month down.

When you consider fuel, service, tax, and other savings, it probably costs less than running its combustion engine equivalent.

So, if anyone is thinking of swapping to workplace electric vehicles, take advantage of these government grants now (whilst still available) and save £350 on each charge point you install.

…hope you found this useful and thank you for watching.