Hurry, electric car charge point grant is ending

To grow a business, isn’t a fantastic customer service experience the most important thing?

Although the £350 government grant towards a charge point installation is ending soon, when it gets a bit crazy with people desperate to get a charger installed in time so they don’t miss out on claiming the grant, we’ll still be focused on delivering the best customer experience.

And here’s why…

Customer service is not just about answering the phone or replying to an email, it covers so much more, and includes everyone within your team.

Right from sales and administration, warehousing, deliveries, installation through to maintenance.

In all these areas each team member has an important part to play, which affects the overall customer experience.

You might think selling and installing electric vehicle charge points is a simple process, and something that customers can buy off a website, without human interaction.

But we don’t see it this way. Why?

Because we see an electric vehicle charge point as a luxury design item which needs serious consideration, just like when you buy an electric car or a handbag.

Think about it…

The charge point is fitted on your house or garage wall, and if it looks a bit of an eye sore, you’re not going to be happy, and you certainly wouldn’t show it off to your family and friends.

Yes, we agree. First and foremost. It’s got to charge your car as fast as possible and give you in app functions like time charging and a locking mode.

But outside of this you’ve got to choose a charger which your ascetically happy with, because you’ll see it every day when you plug in to charge, and your family and friends will see it when visiting.

Therefore, as part of our customer service experience we provide a consultative approach, and when you call us or we call you back, our knowledgeable team discuss which charge point is specifically right (technically and ascetically) for you.

That said, please don’t leave your charge point installation until the last minute, as it’s likely we’ll be booked up weeks in advance.

…if you’ve already got an EV or one on order, get your charge point installation booked with us now.