Guy Martin and the worlds fastest electric car!

Last night I got hooked on Guy Martin and ‘The World’s Fastest Electric Car’ on Channel 4
Guy Martin drove a transformed a classic car that had been made electric to see how fast it could go.
In the programme, Guy investigated the growing world of electric cars as many leading brands bring out their own versions.
Guy’s Volkswagen Beetle was fitted with modern Tesla technology, which allowed the 50-year-old classic car to hit speeds faster than many supercars.
He raced the Beetle on a quarter mile drag strip in the hope of beating the world record for the distance, which he missed by some distance, but had a lot of fun trying.
The team tried everything they could to bring the time down, such as heating the tyres and even sweeping the track to get rid of any debris.
I’m not sure when the programme was made, as at the end Guy Martin suggested unless your only driving short journeys an electric car is not right for you for another 2 years, until the range increases.
Well, I’ve got to disagree. Why?
My recent article covered a 3-year survey carried out by the RAC, which polled car drivers on their daily mileage, and the average was just 28 miles.
And to cover off the issue of range which Guy raised. Some of the most recent electric cars offer great range, over 400 miles in some instances.
We’ve recently took on an affordable electric Hyundai Kona, which has a range of nearly 300 miles and is costing just £295 a month.
When you consider fuel, maintenance, and tax savings it’s more cost effective (for us) than its fossil fueled cousin.
Education is the only way to address range anxiety.
With an electric car once you’ve done your miles for the day (even if it’s over 100) you plug it into your fast home charge point (which we’ve hopefully fitted for you) and go to bed.
When you wake up, as if by magic you have a full battery again. Do this every day and form a habit.
…and you’ll never need to visit a fuel station or public charger again.