Will roads ever charge your EV whilst driving?

Will roads be able to charge your EV whilst your moving?

I wrote a recent article saying industrial sized wireless induction chargers (like when charging a smart phone wirelessly) may be the way we’ll charge our electric vehicles in the future.

The theory being you just need to park near one of these induction chargers to get your battery topped up, allowing multiple EV ’s to be charged at the same time.

Well, I’d like to take this a step further…

Since the initial article, I’ve done some further research and uncovered there are roads already in operation made from photovoltaic panels (like solar panels).

Amazingly there is a 1km solar road in France since 2016, and it’s used to operate all the streetlights in the village.

And Solar Roadways hope to roll out solar-powered roads across the United States.

Their hexagonal solar road tiles not only generate electricity but can be used as digital driving surfaces using LEDs that can be controlled remotely.

It’s said, the power generated by the tiles could be used to power EV ‘s through induction technology.

Which leads me to a mash up of solar technology and induction charging.

Making it feasible to believe (in the future) our electric vehicles will induction charge whilst we drive on super advanced photovoltaic road surfaces.

I’ve heard, China is advanced in this area too and are building a technology advanced city, optimised for AI controlled autonomous vehicles with built in charging solutions for electric cars.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be some time before futuristic charging solutions are produced in affordable ways, but they’ll certainly make our lives easier.

Imagine driving around and never needing to stop and charge, you’ll simply sign up to a subscription with your chosen energy provider, and they’ll monitor your usage through the cloud.

…but whilst we’re waiting, if you need a home or workplace charge point installed give us a call.