Fuel company embraces EV & green economy

The switch to EV and green energy will have a huge impact on some organisations…

Admittedly, as we install electric car charge points for the home and workplace, it’s helping us.

But this week, we learnt some amazing things from Ben Duckworth (Director of Craggs Energy).

Craggs Energy provide white diesel to haulage firms and public sector firms, and red diesel to construction sites for plant and farms for machinery. Along with diesel fuel cars for fleets.

Obviously, the switch to EV and green energy could seriously impact their business.

But Ben and the team at Craggs have not stood still and stuck their head in the sand, they’ve been planning how they can re-engineer the business model for some time.

One very important thing to note. Construction will no longer be able to use red diesel to fuel their plant machinery from next April, potentially doubling their fuel costs with buying white diesel.

This is where Craggs Energy come in. Because they have secured rights to distribute green diesel, which has versions to replace both white diesel and red diesel.

The Green D+ HVO fuel is one of the greenest fuels on the market, it eliminates up to 90% of net CO2 and is manufactured from sustainable, renewable feed stocks. Whilst also being manufacturer approved and fully certified and auditable.

Although distribution companies and haulage firms don’t yet have to official use green diesel, some are already choosing to do the right thing for the environment.

Take McDonald’s as an example. They insist suppliers must use green diesel in their vehicles, otherwise they can’t supply them, and other large companies are following suit.

Construction in particularly may gulp, as potentially doubling their fuel price will have a massive impact on the bottom line. But neither they nor haulage & distribution companies should worry.

Craggs Energy price the green diesel alternatives just 3 or 4p more a litre than their white and red diesel dirtier cousins. Which is a small price to pay for doing the right thing for the environment.

We’ve got to applaud Craggs for embracing the green revolution and re-engineering their business.

…and if a fuel company like Cragg’s can do it, so can you too.