Why EV charger partnership is a win win?

Affiliate schemes and strategic partnerships are a great way to grow your business…

Our specialism is installing electric vehicle charging points for the home and workplace, in guaranteed time frames with safe and rigorous installation processes.

And due to our unique approach car dealerships and vehicle leasing companies are appointing us as their recommended EV charger installation partner.

The reason for this?

Car dealerships and vehicle leasing companies say they’re being let down by EV charger installers, and are reluctant to recommend any to their customers, as the poor service comes back on them.

What seems to be the issue?

Long installation dates, contractors not turning up at the agreed time and poor quality of work.

Why is this happening?

Companies aren’t taking EV chargers as a serious business. Electrical contractors are bolting it onto their existing business, and when they get busy, any EV charger installations get pushed to one side.

With their main focus on traditional electrical works, they tend to have no systemised processes, meaning EV charger installs are conducted haphazardly, potentially leading to poor quality work.

What makes us different?

Our business is solely dedicated to installing electric vehicle charging points at home and at the workplace, we do not share our resource with anyone else or use contractors.

This has allowed us to build a business to directly address the identified problems, with fast guaranteed installation times and systemised safe rigorous installation processes.

What’s in it for our strategic partners?

Most importantly, they have the peace of mind knowing their customers EV charging points are installed safely and on time, every single time.

In conjunction, they also receive a commission payment for every lead that results in an installation.

So, if you’re seeking an EV charger installation partner who can keep your customers smiling.

…call Darren on 07887 548523 or drop an email to darren@evolutionsolutions.co.uk.