What’s best about the EO Mini Pro 2 EV charger?

Welcome to our home electric car charger comparison video series…

Today it’s education time on the EO Mini Pro 2.

The EO Mini Pro 2 is the world’s smallest home electric vehicle charging point.

It’s a modern looking square shape measuring just 175mm by 125mm, and is available in black, white, silver, or blue.

And its only available in single phase 7.2Kw for fast home charging.

All colours come as socketed and with type 2 connectors, but only the black has a tethered option with a 5-metre cable attached.

The socketed EO charger doesn’t come with a separate detached cable, so you’ll need to purchase your own, which can cost up to £150.

Control of the charging point is made easy through the EO App, which allows you to time charge, and will lock the unit so no one can steal your electric.

Be aware, the EO Mini Pro 2 needs an additional earth rod. But also has options for a power balancing for additional protection and a basic solar pack to work with your existing solar panels.

What’s the best things about the EO Mini Pro 2?

Number 1 is its size (being the world’s smallest), closely followed by the option to connect it to and use the free electricity provided by your solar panels (if you have them).

The EO Mini Pro 2 is more expensive (from us) than the Wallbox Pulsar Plus and Pod Point Solo.

…but because of its tiny size and ability to work off solar panel electricity, it gets a 5-star rating.