EO Genius workplace EV charger review

Welcome to our workplace EV charger video series

Grants of £350 for each workplace EV charge point installed are available, but only if an approved workplace charger is installed by an approved WCS installer, such as us.

Today, we are reviewing the EO Genius workplace charge point.

EO market the Genius at forward thinking fleet managers, as when connected to their optional hub it allows you to manage up to 30 chargers, and it also automatically balances your electricity load.

It’s compatible with all type 2 electric vehicles and hybrids, providing fast charging single phase 7.2kW or 3-phase 11Kw and 22Kw super-fast charging speeds.

Although not the best-looking workplace charger on the market, it’s one of the smallest at 360mm x 175mm, has a lock to stop unauthorised electric usage and a 3-year parts & labour warranty.

As with most workplace chargers EO’s management software is a chargeable extra, and costs £50 a year for each EO Genius you have installed.

The key features of the software are charge scheduling, telematics integration, and the ability to manage & monitor your energy usage.

There are quite a few optional extras available such as their already discussed hub, a mounting post if wall mounting is unavailable, an unbranded unit and an RFID card reader.

Couple of things to remember, its socketed so you will need your own type 2 charging cable, and, as with most workplace chargers, it will need earthing via an earth rod or Matt: E device.

What’s the best thing about the EO Genius workplace charger?

It’s got to be its small size and the ability to manage and load balance up to 30 charge points.

…the EO Genius gets a 5-star rating.