Electrical contractors don’t want to install EV chargers

Why do some electrical contractors not want to install electric vehicle chargers?

It’s an interesting subject. Although, installing an electric car charge point to a customer’s satisfaction and claiming the £350 government grant on their behalf is no easy thing.

What you’ve got to remember installing charge points is not an electrical contractors main business, there income generally comes from re-wires and installing lighting systems.

When faced with discussing with homeowners which charge point would be best for their specific needs, it becomes a difficult conversation for them.

Installing a charge point is not like fitting a consumer unit or re-wiring a kitchen.

Charge Points are lifestyle products (besides needing the required features), they must aesthetically look good (from their perspective) on the front or side of the customers property.

It isn’t just about rocking up at a favoured electrical wholesaler, picking up any consumer unit, and fitting it on the inside of cupboard that the customers friends or family will never see.

Choosing the right charge point needs discussion. This includes features, colour, and design.

Do you need a cable attached? Does it need to connect to solar or battery? What colour works best? How discrete do you want it? Do you want the cable hidden in a colour co-ordinated box?

All this needs to be discussed even before you agree a price or set an installation date.

Most people also want to claim the £350 government grant, and the installer must complete the paperwork on their behalf, which is not easy.

DVLA often reject claims asking for further proof and it can take 3 – 6 months before they pay up.

This is hard for most electrical contractors, as part of this payment is the profit from the job.

The public are very demanding. They expect a quick installation date, and for you to turn up on time.

Guaranteeing this can be real challenge for electrical contractors.

Taking all this into account, is why, some electrical contractors ask us to install charge points on their behalf, as they know we consult with customers to decide on the right charge point.

…and guarantee a quick, on time, and safe installation by our own employed and trained installers.