Electric cars charge Elon Musk towards Mars…

It’s important to have an audacious vision, but maybe not quite as audacious as electric cars and spaceship entrepreneur Elon Musk

Do you know what it is?

He wants to colonise Mars.

I’m not kidding, this has always been his long-term vision.

How do I know?

Well, I read his only authorised book (written by journalist Ashlee Vance) a while back, and Richard Branson is very clear about this in his book too.

His past and current ventures are being used as financial and technological stepping-stones to achieve his quest, which he’s quite blinkered about.

It’s one hell of a big hairy audacious goal.

It’s a far cry from our vision to be the leading installer of electric vehicle chargers in the North West. But it’s still audacious and exciting to us.

Although, being part of the team who sold PayPal to eBay for $1.5 billion (2002) would make it easier for us, as it gave Musk enough clout to become co-founder at Tesla and then start SpaceX.

But it’s not been plain sailing for Musk, whilst building Tesla and then SpaceX, he’s come across many financial and technology challenges.

Remember at Tesla, it wasn’t about building the best hybrid cars, it was about breaking new ground and building the best electric cars the market had ever seen.

You’d think Musk wasn’t interested in saving the planet, because of his continued investment in SpaceX and his Mars vision, but that’s where you’d be wrong.

He very much believes in new technologies that reduce emissions, which is why he’s not interested in creating the best hybrid cars, and only electric vehicles.

And he’s continued investment in solar technology proves this point too, where his team are developing solar technologies to supply green energy for homes, business, and car charging.

Even his vision of colonising Mars is driven by the need to sustain human life, wanting to create another civilisation for humans to exist, when our current planet is full or drained of resources.

At Tesla though, he was so driven to produce the best electric cars, which were superfast, had a good mileage range, charged quickly, and looked great, budgets went out of the window.

There was a time where Tesla nearly folded, with only hours to spare when investors eventually agreed to another round of funding, which saved them.

Now, Tesla are the most valuable car manufacturer in the world, worth a mind boggling $500 billion, with fantastic electric cars, and great battery technology giving long range mileage on each charge.

Electric vehicle charging is another area Tesla have invested heavily, building their own network of superfast commercial electric charging stations.

Initially this was just in North America, but even the UK now has over 60 car charging points with over 500 fast electric car chargers installed.

Musk see’s this investment in electric car chargers as another way of driving Tesla car sales, to make more profit to fund both SpaceX and his Mars vision.

SpaceX is an interesting venture, putting a rocket into space takes a lot of cash, and even though Musk is using Tesla’s electric car sales to help with this, it’s still no-where near enough.

So, what did he do?

Musk persuaded NASA & the US Government to pay him billions of dollars to use his rockets to fly their space missions, instead of doing it themselves. Valuing Space X today as a $100 billion business.

So, with NASA and the US Government part funding development in his rocket technology to land on Mars, and Tesla’s electric car and car charging technology funding the rest.

…who’d bet against Musk sitting outside his mansion on Mars drinking a pina colada someday soon.