Even electric Bolt practised hard…

Top golfer Gary Player once said, “the harder I practise the luckier I get”.

You could say this about many different sports stars, who dedicate their lives in pursuit of the perfect round, game, or race.

A while back I read Bounce (written by Matthew Syed).

Matthew is a well-respected journalist and author, who earlier in his life was Britain’s No.1 male table tennis player.

In the book he cited, having excess to the right training equipment, in the right environment with the right coaching.

Coupled with an unbreakable determination to practise harder and longer than anyone else, will allow most people to succeed at their chosen profession.

Matthew gives his own example, along with examples from the world of chess, tennis with the Williams sisters, Tiger Woods & the British cycling team.

But you could easily throw other names into the pot, like Lewis HamiltonDavid BeckhamCristiano Ronaldo and even the electric Usain Bolt.

All of these (except the electric Bolt) were driven by an inner belief that training harder and smarter than their competitors, will result in the achievement of greatness.

In Bolt’s case, he did love to party and often got distracted. Making him lucky to have such a dedicated & disciplined coach in Glen Mills, who made him knuckle down & practise hard to become electric.

It’s the same in business too. Your company won’t grow and become profitable by itself. It’s takes years of perseverance & determination, failing, learning, succeeding and then failing again.

It’s been 17 years of failing, learning & succeeding for our office technology business, and although our electric vehicle (EV) charging business is quite new, it’s still about failing and learning, before succeeding.

Yes. it’s hard, but you can do it.

…just ask Bill GatesJeff BezosElon Musk and Larry Page