Why not to buy a Tesla home EV charger?

Here’s some advice for anyone thinking of buying a Tesla …

Yes, still buy it if it’s the car you really want, as we’re sure they’re great cars.

But really think about which home charge point you’d like installed, and don’t just go and buy the Tesla branded one off their website.

Why? A couple of reasons:

If you buy it off Tesla’s webstore you’ve got to find a qualified installer to fit it, at an extra cost.

Doing this, also means you’ll miss out on the £350 installation grant provided by the DVLA, as you’ve got to buy the charger and installation together from an approved OLEV or OZEV grant installer.

Currently on the webstore the price is £480 just for the charger, and once you’ve added installation, you’ll end up spending £800 – £900.

Instead look at a comparable tethered home charge point, like the Wallbox Pulsar Pulse, which is half the size, stylish and has great features.

And Wallbox chargers on the government grant list, so you’ll only end up paying £499 if you qualify.

You can charge any other type 2 electric vehicle with a Tesla charger, but you’ll find it very difficult to buy one if you don’t have a Tesla, as Tesla only sell them to Tesla car owners.

…this don’t figure, are Tesla missing an opportunity or is it fantastic brand exclusivity?