Why it’s not easy installing EV charge points?

It’s just an electric car charge point, and easy to install…

This simply is not the case, as you’ve got to take many factors into consideration.

First and foremost, this is an electrical device that uses a serious amount of power and needs to be installed safely by a qualified electrician and trained charge points installer.

Each change point brand is slightly different and requires the installer to be trained on how to install each correctly, including the final commissioning.

Through our experience not every qualified electrician has the capability to install charge points on a domestic property to the satisfaction of the occupier.

Having electric vehicle charge points installed on your property is huge for people.

Not only does it ascetically have to look good, it also has to be a very neat and tidy installation, with the cable clipped securely and placed in the least noticeable way (if it can’t be completely hidden).

And it’s not just about the outside the property. Our installers are entering people’s homes, so they must be respectful, make the least mess possible, provide a safe installation and clean up too.

For these reasons and more, we only employee our own highly trained electric vehicle charge point installers, and we will not use contractors.

Honestly, we’ve nothing against contractors, but we can’t control or guarantee the customer experience will be the same every time. So, we just don’t take the risk.

We’re very strict on what is required when joining our company and enrolling on our rigorous training course. Believe me when I say this, some electricians don’t make it through.

We’ve found, electricians with good domestic experience have a much higher rate of success than those who have predominately worked on construction sites.

…but they’ve all got to complete the training course to our satisfaction before they earn their wings.