EV charge point installation grant ends in 4 months

In 4-month you will lose your right to claim a £350 government grant…

If you have a qualifying electric / hybrid car on order or you are thinking of ordering one in the next few months, you must get your home charge point installation booked in now.


Because. in just 4-months, the government (DVLA) are ending the £350 charge point installation grant for those people who have their own parking where the charge point is to be fitted.

So, instead of our most popular charge point (Wallbox Pulsar Plus) costing you £529 (installed), if you leave it too late, it will cost you £879.

You might think 4-month is loads of time. But it’s not. And we’ll tell you why?

As the March deadline creeps forward people will panic and installation bookings will go crazy, with the current 2 – 3-week installation lead times likely to become 6 – 8-week installation lead times.

We’ve got to be candid with you…

Most people don’t even think about having an EV charge point installed until the dealership or vehicle leasing company calls them, to say their new electric car or hybrid is arriving in 2 – 3 weeks.

But if you do this on this occasion you are likely to lose your right to claim the £350 government (DVLA) grant towards the installation cost.


Because it will be a frenzy, and installers will be booked up for weeks or even months in advance.

Be warned. The government (DVLA) rule is a home charge point installation must be completed by the end of March to qualify for the grant funding. With no exceptions.

Our advice…

If you’ve got an EV or full hybrid on order, get your charge point installation booked in now, so you don’t miss out on the £350 grant.

Those of you considering switching to a full electric car or hybrid and want the opportunity to claim the £350 home charge point installation grant, best make up your mind very quickly too.

Other things to consider. Some home charge point installations get delayed, due to the designated network operator (DNO) insisting on upgrading fuses or splitting looped systems before it happens.

…because of this some home charge installations could be delayed and lose the right to the grant.