Are charge point cable gullies the real deal?

Cable gullies for charging electric cars across pavements are gaining traction…

Earlier this year Oxford City Council started trialing them in select areas, and very recently Central Bedfordshire Council have started their own program.

The difference being that Central Bedfordshire Council are including a sign (see the picture) that suggests parking outside this property is designated because they charge an electric car.

Our previous issue with using cable gullies, is the inability of the property owner to park directly outside their terraced property and be able to charge their vehicle consistently.

Central Bedfordshire Council may just have solved this problem is certain situations. It’s not going to suit all terraced properties, but for those with parking either side of the road, it may well do.

I’ve lived in varies types of terraced property. Growing up in Haslingden on Warwick Street they were your typical Victorian terraced houses, with cars parked both sides of the street.

And I’d say would be an ideal situation to install cable gullies with a designated charging parking space outside each property that has an electric vehicle.

This could also be a terrific way to incentivise people in terraced property to make the switch from a petrol or diesel car to a full electric, as parking directly outside your house can be a challenge.

In the short term, we’ve got to remember these are still in the trial stage, and are not yet approved for public use, but for those interested I’d suggest contacting your local council.

Also, what would be great. If anyone has come across other council trialing charge point cable gullies please put the details in the comments below, so others can benefit.

Just remember, for those with driveways the £350 charge point installation grant is ending in 4 months. Don’t leave it until the last minute, as all installers will be booked months in advance.

…apply at