Why our car charger business has red lines?

Do you have any business red lines?

You know what I mean, the things that you won’t compromise on, because they go against why you set the business up in the first place or stops you from providing the very best service to customers.

We have some important red lines in our electric car charger installation business, and are hell bent on making sure we don’t cross them.

One of the reasons people can experience poor service when having an electric car charger installed, is because installing one is not critical to someone who doesn’t see it as their main business.

Electrical contractors are mainly focused on carrying out re-wires, installing lights and upgrading consumer units. Installing an EV charge point can get just get in the way of their main activities.

Which is why some people receive a poor experience, when contractors don’t show up on time or not at all, and don’t have a systemised approach to carrying out the car charger installation.

We made it clear from the very first day. We don’t fit lights, do rewires, or employ contractors, we’re dedicated to only installing EV charge points using our own highly trained employed installers.

This approach has allowed us to provide 14-day installation guarantees from approval and develop robust systemised installation processes for our customers peace of mind.

Another thing we won’t comprise on, is the culture of our business. Which is about being honest, having integrity and having a burning desire to provide a great overall experience.

To achieve this, we are fanatical in making sure we build a team who share these values, who help each other out and who always have the customers interests at heart.

…well, they’re our red lines, but what’s yours and why?