Whats the best electric car charger for you?

Welcome to our final home electric car charger comparison video…

It’s time for a round-up of the 6 EV chargers we’ve reviewed over the last three weeks, including our personal views and recommendations.

If you can’t get a Wi-Fi signal where you want the charger your only option is a Rolec Wallpod:EV Homesmart, as it connects via GPRS through a modem and roaming sim.

Is design and aesthetics your thing? The Andersen A2 could be the EV charger for you, as it’s the best looking on the market with a vast range of colour options.

Looking to get the best use out of your solar panels and battery storage? There’re a few chargers that’ll work with solar, but only one will work with electric stored in batteries, that’s a Zappi.

If size is the issue, EO’s Mini Pro 2 is the smallest and most discrete home electric car charger available.

Got high energy use appliances, like a sauna and hot tub? Overloading the main fuse could be an issue. Making a Pod-Point (with built in load management) the most cost-effective charger for you.

Each charger has its own specialism, but which do we think is the best all-rounder?

For us, it’s got to be the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, why?

It’s small, stylish, has a great app with timed charging and locking facility, comes with an attached 5-metre cable (worth circa £150) and has a 3-year parts and labour warranty for peace of mind.

But want to know the best thing?

For limited period only, we’re giving you £140 off Wallbox’s own installed price.

Claim your installed Wallbox Pulsar Plus for just £499 (after the OLEV grant has been deducted).

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