What’s the most aesthetically pleasing EV charger?

Welcome to our home ev charger comparison video series


It’s time to evaluate the most stylish home ev charger on the market. The Andersen A2.

The Andersen A2 is an iconic wall mounted charge point that cleverly hides the integrated cable.

From modern town houses to charming coastal cottages, the Andersen A2 can be personalised to match the unique style of any home.

You can select from a range of metal finishes and natural woods, giving you unrivalled aesthetics, coupled with reliable charging.

To say the Andersen A2 stores and hides the charging cable when it’s not in use, it’s not huge either, at 494mm by 348mm.

It’s available in single phase 7Kw or 22Kw 3-phase fast charging. Although they only come with an attached type 2 cable. Socketed only units are not available.

The 7Kw version has a 5.5m cable length with a higher priced option for an 8.5m cable, and the 22Kw 3 phase version comes with a 6.5m cable.

The Andersen A2 has a useful easy to use App, which allows you to time charge, and remote locks the unit so no one can steal your electricity while you’re out.

Another good thing, it doesn’t need an earth rod, as it’s got built-in RCD protection, and it comes with a 3-year parts and labour warranty for peace of mind.

What’s the best things about the Andersen A2?

Although it’s got a basic solar pack option to use energy form solar panels during the day (which is great). The best thing must be its unrivalled aesthetic design.

But the downside, it’s very expensive, and even more so if you want a wood front cover.

…but due to its aesthetics, design driven people will love it. So, it still gets 5 stars.