£620m towards EV and charge point grants

The UK government has at last revealed its long-awaited and highly anticipated ‘Net Zero’ strategy…

This new strategy sets out to dramatically cut carbon emissions across the nation, enabling the UK to reach its ‘Net Zero’ goals by 2050.

As part of this new Net Zero Strategy, ministers are investing a further £620m funding towards electric vehicle grants and charging infrastructure.

A total of £2.5bn has now been committed to supporting the nation electrify, providing incentives for people and businesses to think greener and smarter when it comes to movement around the UK.

The introduction of further funding is great news for people and organisations who are getting ready to take their first steps into owning and charging an electric vehicle.
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It also shows the government are committed to meeting their targets in becoming ‘Net Zero’ by 2050 and this further investment will provide more of a reason for drivers to make the switch.

Although, the UK still requires more charging infrastructures to support the demand for electric vehicles, because, as the appetite for EVs increases, so does the requirement for charging.

The extra funding for electric vehicle grants itself will naturally create demand for domestic charge points, whilst the funding for charging infrastructure will convince organisations now is the right time to invest in electric vehicle charge points for both their fleets and their employee vehicles.

These further grants present a fantastic opportunity for individuals and workplaces to affordable transition to electric vehicles and install the relevant charging infrastructure; whether the requirements are for domestic charge point installations or for workplace charging infrastructure.

Please get in contact if you’d like to discuss how these grants can help you install electric vehicle charge points in an affordable way, and here’s the link to the full ‘Net Zero’ strategy document: